Spring 2014

The holidays are over - spring is just around the corner! Spring in Las Vegas usually lasts about two weeks - then it will be in the 90s - Ahhhh!!!

It has been a quiet couple of months - my show actually shut down for 2 1/2 weeks for some work on the stage - a great opportunity for me to spend some extra time painting! I finished two new pieces and they have been sent to Disney Fine Art for processing on their end - hopefully they will be available very soon! I will keep you posted! And thanks to you guys for the response to my "First Dance" ballroom scene - I am really happy with the piece!

My artwork continues to keep me very busy! The Renaissance Gallery at the Shoppes at the Palazzo has moved to a new location but is just around the corner from where it was so check it out! And the second location is open in Town Square so if you are out shopping take a minute to drop in and say hi - you never know when I might be there! Thanks to Mike, Linda, Francisco and all for their hard work and support - and thanks to all my fans for their interest - it means a lot to me!

God bless.

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